26 May 2015

Time to break the silence

It's comforting to receive such comments. It's been awhile since somebody checked on me like this. Though it's a simple gesture, it's a good icebreaker... especially when you feel buried in a ton of ice cold desertment.

So going back to the query... I honestly don't know how to answer this. How am I? In terms of what exactly? How have I been doing?


(after half an hour...)


Apparently I'm not yet ready, another time perhaps I'd be more than inspired to make kwento. For now, I'm open to Q&A so ask away.


the healthworker said...

something wrong? if there's anything you want to talk to, im just here.. though i don't know how you'll be able to reach me.. dito na lang sa blog, perhaps..

Simon said...

Ive sort of been in your position and that I know it feels pretty rough.. I hope your doing ok :)

Love is mysterious it could be kind and gentle but sometimes it could be just plain harsh and rough. (This was accidentally posted on my blog thinking it was the comment box sorry :) haha)