30 January 2013

Bid January Farewell

One of my favourite months, on it's end. I hope to meet you again, and bond with you soon.

But I can't say the same for RD. I've said goodbye on the eve of the 4th, after he told me things I wasn't prepared to hear. It wasn't about him having a short-time boyfriend over the Christmas break; nor when he kept reminding me that it was I who didn't want to commit.

It's was when he showed me that he didn't want to get screened for HIV, fearing that it'd be the ruin of his budding career; and that he didn't show a slight remorse or concern over my personal worries. At that moment, it was the first time I felt the strong urge of walking out on someone. But I didn't. I paused for a few seconds -  a decent 10 seconds or so, then let out a sigh. I stood up, and calmly said, "I have to go. I've got better things to attend to." But to him I was tampo over him having a bf with a random stranger, making it sound like a joke: "Aysus! Tampo ka!? e kaw nga tong ayaw sa akin diba?".

"No. Di ako nagtatampo over that. I just have to go. I can't stand being here right now.

 With that, I head straight out of the door, pulling it close behind me.

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Grey said...

I am reading a book. We should talk some time soon. Lalalala.