14 October 2012

There's a psycho in my bedroom.

Madaliang post lang to.

So for an intro:
Hindi ko na ipagkakaila... I enjoy sleeping with men, and I don't mind even if it's a stranger, or on a first date or just a meetup. Yes, I sleep around with boys and men. I like the comfort of being next to a warm body, instead of an insulating pillow. Kahit malakas pa humilik, as long as I feel cozy and comfy makakatulog ako mahimbing.

hmmm... wholesome sleeping or sexytime, i really don't mind... I am a cuddle slot - since I'm sloppy with sex (this I'll have to discuss on a separate blog entry. remind me na lang),  I compensate by being cuddly and warm.

Saka ko na lang elaborate ung mga yan. On with the horror...

So last night, I entertained a boy's self invitation for a sleepover, may baon siyang excuses for not going home. Sa akin, it's simply an opportunity to know the guy since we've been exchanging messages. Edi yun na nga, pinatuloy ko na, inayos ko na rin ung separate bed na hihigaan nya, and he was on his back when he said,

"Sir Vic, matutulog na po ako. Don't worry, di kita papatayin." with a wide grin.


Seriously, ganyan yung mukha ko. TAMA BANG SABIHIN YUN SA TAONG NAGPATULOY SA YO?
That is something you don't say to your host especially if you're not fully acquainted with.

In my head, thoughts of kicking his ass, tying him up, and shoving my foot in his mouth were battling for the best idea of the moment.

Seriously, he was all awkward and shit. and his tone, the manner he speaks, was just plain creepy. 

"I've just led a psycho into my bedroom." O_O

to be continued ...

(I got to cut this now, since I have lunch date to attend to.)


V1nC3 said...

Hahaha! I do hope you got some sleep after hearing that.

Shenanigans said...


Grey said...

I bet you were all wide awake after that. Haha.

LJ said...

Oh my, pag ganun, hindi talaga ako makakatulog.

Brian said...

Believe it or not, I understand what you mean. Haha. Sometimes I get so lonely living alone that to have someone on my bed can get me through the night.

And feeling ko naman joke lang yun! I can understand why he would say that, haha.