16 February 2011

"It's all about breakfast!"

Yesterday, I disclosed to a friend how I spent most of my free time last night...

- I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!

as to share with her what I did for the 14th. Then she asked what's the movie about, and I blurted,

- It's all about breakfast!

Speaking of breakfast, I had two breakfasts today - first was at 4am, and the second was around 10am. And in both occasions, I had my meal all to myself.

hmm . . .


and as I'm writing this down, I just came to realize that I've been having breakfast alone for a long time now...
a grim realization for me. I, who love having hearty breakfast at home with the early morning rays of sunshine, together with my family; have been having cold, instant food for breakfast in the comforts of a boarding house, all by myself.

15 February 2011

Of Honourable Men : I Long To Be

I got something more to say about marriage, love and commitment... but let's leave it at that.

08 February 2011

"I don't date on valentines."

I was with my guy (for the record, whenever I say guy, I'm referring to heterosexual men) friends the other afternoon, enjoying light banters over a bunch of siomai. We like to enjoy siomai after our usual day, and spend a couple of minutes chatting before heading home.

For this particular afternoon, they started discussing about getting dates for the Vday. One of the guys in the group recently (if you consider 8 months as recent) broke up with his girlfriend for 4 years, and we were urging him to get a date or at least agree to a double date being set by another friend. They were discussing about terms and conditions, certain expectations, preference... when this recently single guy friend, started winking at my direction, Nodding his head, pointing his lips at me, suggesting that they hook me up as well for a Vday date.

The rest of the gang looked to me and went, "Oonga Vic! I-set up kita!".

None of my guy friends know about me liking other men, and I don't know if they have an idea or anything. It's just I have not told them myself anything about my dating preferences. (not yet!)

I looked at them and sternly said,

One of them had his eyebrows drawn close together, as if one is asking the other "ano raw?".

"I don't date on Valentines."

"Bakit naman!?"
"Tsong kailangan mo!"
"Di, okay tong kilala ko..."
(yeah, sabay-sabay kong narinig at nabasa sa kanilang mga mukha yang mga katagang yan. I'm that good :P)

"Basta... kung single, no dating so as not to ruin February."

But what I really wanted to say, was that I didn't want to ruin what I've gotten used to with February. Zero heartaches. I've never gone out on a date on a February, I'm either single then or I was too busy to even bother look for a date. Other than that, I've never looked at February as a month for dating. Sure it's the month of hearts, a moment for lovers. But it's more of a time for your love ones, it's being with the people you hold dear to your heart. It's not about mingling and hooking up with a potential partner, but rather spending time with your long time partner, or in my case closeSt (emphasis as to not mistake it with closet) friends.

I don't want to make a memory of lousy dates, of disappointing hookups, or of bitter heartaches out of my February. I will not risk a night of expectations, just to wake up to a morning of reality, and have for breakfast the shattered dreams of the previous night. I'd like to keep my February free of shards of broken hearts, without worries of ever hurting myself as I dance my heart out to the tunes of love.

Even if I have to dance solo.

07 February 2011

Sun day

Your smile still lingers in my mind. You definitely made the sun in my day, brighten up my gloomy day. I'd like to bask more under your good graces, 

be thrilled by your laughter

blush with your banter

and be mesmerized by your strong gaze.

Now, now... we don't wanna rush things now, do we? I'd like to enjoy this, slow and smooth. Like that bike ride you gave me today. :)  Though I got off too soon and opted to walk... sorry. I was ...scared. Next time, I'd let you take me on a ride; just not on the "rough terrains" of Manila, eh?

See you soon. How's next Sunday?

01 February 2011

On Social Networking:: PR, and an update.

Been busy these past couple of weeks, and I had to refrain from getting online as I needed to keep distractions at bay... which is PR.

Yes, PR eats a lot of my time especially when my hormones are at its peak (not that it has a cycle or something). What do I do in PR that consumes a lot of my time? Well, as indicated in my profile, I enjoy checking out profiles and chatting with strangers. I usually start browsing who's online, and those with a catchy headline or hot photo catches my initial fancy. Those with worthwhile entries deserve some attention, either I leave a footprint or I add them to my booklist. Then there are those who get a message from me, and it's usually a query based on their profiles.

I really enjoy talking to guys from pr. I dunno, perhaps I got used to it. That's how I actually started 4 years ago. It was G4M back in those days, and the forums was really active and flowing. I got contacts from certain threads and we'd eventually trade ym and strike a chat. If it gets interesting we'd trade landlines and continue the chat over the phone, which I've always found more comfortable and convenient. Not only it's easier to talk, but you get better assessment of the stranger with his tone and the emotions manifested by his voice.

Up to this day, I prefer exchanging a few emails, then if we're both online i'd prompt exchange of chat ids. Then if it gets more interesting I'd trade digits. Thanks to globe's unlicall, it makes it even more convenient. I'm still busy with stuff so I don't get to take every invitation for a meet up on an impulse. yeah...that is the only thing that's keeping me from going around town.