17 April 2011

Of Kisses:: The Unforgettable

I've kissed an awful lot of guys, I think. And I've only been in a relationship with 3. Of all the kissing that I've experienced there are only five that I will never forget:

  1. The very first time someone tried to kiss me. Tried, as in forcefully kiss me. I was 19 that time and I believed in the magic of the first kiss (haha! I'm so gay like that). So this guy whom I started dating obviously had a lot of experiences under his belt (figuratively and literally). He's the 2nd guy I've dated but he was the first to attempt to kiss me. He pressed his lips (and tongue) to my face. Before his lips could ever touched mine I bit my lips shut, as in tightly shut. He tried burrowing his tongue to my tightly sealed mouth, but my jaw was locked, and I was just staring how ridiculous he looked with his eyes shut.
  2. My real first kiss - wasn't really magical. The lipvirginity was lost in a what was supposed to be a one-night stand. The guy was cute, being mestizo and nice set of puckers. I gave in to his teasing. It wasn't magical, but it was definitely sweet. I blushed after our lips made their introductions.That was my first authentic kiss. I blushed even more when he told me it was great; he even questioned my virginity. We kissed again, slow, sweet, and gentle. Then he introduced another - his tongue. I didn't know what to do, but he let his tongue linger and play with my lips.There wasn't any force like the one I experienced from before. His tongue play was definitely inviting, and so I reciprocated. My first french kiss.
  3. The taste of cigarettes. I'm not a smoker and I'm asthmatic. I resent second-hand smoke. I like kissing, a lot by the age of 21. Then I met an older guy, who smoke a lot. As in a lot. What's interesting about this guy was that he's a great kisser. Until now, I get turned on just by reminiscing his kisses... he still has that effect on me. I still remember how his mouth taste, with all those cigarettes he's puffed. And I can never forget all those crazy make out... sigh. He's one hot kisser, and he could get me do stuff I'd normally won't do just with those kisses. Like what those cigarettes are to him, his kisses are to me - addictive.
  4. Public makeouts. Like I've said in number 3, he's one hot kisser that he could make me do stuff I don't usually do. We've made out in a moving bus, where a passenger caught us and was in disbelief seeing a young guy like me and a guy in his late 30's making out like teenagers in broad daylight (tanghaling tapat!). We've also made out in a movie house, while watching Benjamin Button aged retrospectively. I wasn't really watching to begin with for I was really sleepy (imagine coming from a 16hour duty then taking an exam the next day then going out with boyfie on an all day date). His kisses were the only thing keeping me up. We sort of made out 3/5 of the movie, despite the theatre being full.Then the last public makeout was in a bookstore. Gaaaaad...it was really steamy, he got me so hard that I can't keep my hands off of him. He'd pull me close by my pants,but I'll be pushing him off but our lips were just sealed tight. We were like under a spell and that resistance was futile.He had me under his kisses.
  5. making out with my then boyfie. He was half-Japanese so he has distinct Japanese features. In short, he's cute. One time we were kissing, I pulled back a bit and opened my eyes to have a look at him. His eyes were still shut. What caught me by surprise was his expecting  puckered lips. I suddenly let out a snicker which startled him and I believe kind of embarrassed him. He didn't look awful or anything hilarious. I just found it cute and sweet... he looked like a kid sipping from a plastic straw. I explained to him how cute he looked to me, but he still has this surprised and embarrassed look which I also find charming... I felt so guilty for ruining his kisses that I cupped his face with both hands and just stared at him smiling...guilty smiles. He just gave me the "ugh,okaay.." look.  I still think he's adorable, despite how we ended things.

This post was inspired by Siratalaga from his Psychic Edema.


린코 said...

"my first kiss went a little like this."


Viktor Saudad said...

i must say the song's very apt for the entry :)

BOK said...

ah, I had my first kiss when I was 14. hehe.

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Viktor Saudad said...

@BOK High school? hehe... college na ko when I had my first...:P