26 December 2013

Clingy Diaries: His Words Seared Through the Box of Sanity

With an idle mind, a lonesome mood, a clingy person gets irrational and overly sensitive to his surroundings.

I was making lambing thru text. No, it's not another term for sexting.
(Pardon me, but my phone's incapable of printing screen shots of conversations - with the speech bubbles thing).
11:43 pm, 23 Dec J: Do text me when you get home. Be safe :*
11:45 pm, 23 Dec M: You sleep na. I'll kiss you on the forehead once I get home.I miss kissing you dearly...
2:44 am, 24 Dec M: :***
3:42 am, 24 Dec M: Hon.... I can't stop thinking about you... I'm constantly yearning for you :***
8:03 am, 24 Dec M: :*
8:14 am, 24 Dec M: My baby still sleeping soundly? :* I'll wrap my arms around you and hug you tight
9:41 am, 24 Dec J: I just woke up, I'll prepare na sundo pa [brother] and go to mall with mom... Driver ulit ako
10:29 am, 24 Dec M: :*
10:49 am, 24 Dec J: napabili ako sa uniqlo...[list of stuff he bought, with a little sense of buyer's remorse]
10:53 am, 24 Dec M: ... you enjoy it na lang... nabili mo na e :* Why don't you get something sexy, like undies? ;)
10:53 am, 24 Dec J:  Haha no more, ok na ako. Next time na undies :P
10:54 am, 24 Dec M: Speaking of undies, I don't have any hehe
Yeah, I wasn't wearing any that time, because I wasn't able to claim my laundry before the holiday.
11:03 am, 24 Dec J: Lol, good luck to you, baka ginawin yan :P
11:05 am, 24 Dec M: Di giginawin to... ilang araw na nag-iinit e
11:09 am, 24 Dec J: Haha naughty
11:10 am, 24 Dec M: Thanks to you, there so much pent up heat, I'm always having a hard time...
11:18 am, 24 Dec J: <3
11:20 am, 24 Dec M: Sigh... I've been wanting you for days... weeks even. But I do understand that you've been busy with work and family. I'm not demanding for affection... I just, I'm longing for your warmth...
11:22 am, 24 Dec J: :***
11:26 am, 24 Dec M: ... sigh. Sa mga sinasabi ko wala masyado sagot... It starting to feel that you're brushing it aside. :(
11:35 am, 24 Dec J: I'm not. I love you more than you know it. Do't think too much about it ok? I love you and no one else :*
And with those last words, Paranoia burst forth, with her deafening yowl.

to be continued...

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