24 December 2013

All I Want For Christmas 2013

I forgot to come up with my annual wishlist for this year :( My wishlists are very particular and detailed. I suggest that you don't refer to it kung ako ang nabunot mong regaluhan. (marami na nagreklamo sa wishlist ko, pagod na ko ipaliwanag ang side ko. haha).

Today, I was out for lunch and shopping with my (non-biological) sister and Jjampong. She was back in the country only for a week, and this was a good opportunity for the two dearest persons in my life to spend some time together. Sila lang pala nagshopping, ako naglilista lang sa isip ko ng wishlist. Timely naman na pagcheck ko, e tagged ako ni Aris.
So here goes
Tagged by Aris.  The rules are: 
1. Make a post entitled “All I Want For Christmas 2013” and use the photo above.
2. List 6 things that you want to receive as a gift.
3. Tag 3 friends who will make the same post (no tag backs).
4. Send me the link so I could check it too (optional).

  1. A Planner - actually kahit ano,pero nakakatuwa ung nasa photo. Meron ako from the same producers nung 2012. It was a fun planner.For 2014, I need a planner to jot down important dates, mga birthdays social events, family affairs, and reunions. It's time for me to keep in touch with the people. I'm poor in keeping my communication open with friends and families.
  2. Speedo - Swimming ang target kong bagong hobby and sport. Something to keep me fit and active as well. I wanna Get Speedo Fit! haha! Di naman sa nagbabalak maging product ambassador, but I do need some gear, like a (hot sexy) swimsuit, a pair of goggles. Yun ung basics. Add ons na lang ung mga stylish aquashorts.
  3. Hotel Stay Gift Certificate = Honeymoon :) Yes, it's my chance to have some quality time with my love. Christmas would be such a celebration with him in my arms (Clingy mode ako this holidays talaga). Specially, lately e, wala pa kaming "QUALITY TIME" ;)
  4. Plane Ticket to CDO - one of my best vacation ever. Gusto ko makaulit.
  5. An external hard drive - to stock  on movies, porns, and yung mga files sa work. pero mostly movies and porn.
  6. Running shoes - er..di ako particular sa brand.

I'd like to see your list:

Sa anim na nilista ko...habol ko ung nasa #3. Not the GC per se....
yung QUALITY TIME na matagal na ring wala for us. I miss him dearly, and I yearn for his warmth, caress, and kisses.


Geosef Garcia said...

Nice list. We have the same #1. :P

Simon said...

Whats up with people wanting planners? I find them so complicating to use haha.. Although I cant wait to spend some quality time myself with <3

Victor Saudad said...

Someone told me randomly, ideal gift raw sa akin is a planner. OC daw kasi ako and mahilig mag-ayos, gusto orderly.

somehow it fits me.