17 May 2011

Of Intellectual Conversations

I've been back in PR for the past week already. Yes, I signed up a second account out of boredom. It's been a fast paced, uhm, socializing I must say.

Anyhow... I enjoy reading profiles. Then I came across this guy's profile declaring he only likes intellectual conversations but hates hi-hello and thinks it is stupid. I can't help it but send a message, I wanna check what's under the hood of this guy.

The conversation I believe was just starting. I hit the Send button for my reply, but was caught off guard. The jerk blocked me. First time ko, kaya gulat ako. Honestly, I'm quite pissed. One, it's rude to block a conversation just like that. Two, he thinks too highly of himself, and that he's too good for a simple hi. I resent such jerks. Now, I'm wondering how does this guy even strike a conversation? May kagat-labi? With a wink? Or perhaps with a song? Oh, he's good then. Now I'm thinking he's the kind of person na masyadong nahuhumaling sa idea ng pick up lines, someone who take down notes from tv or from comedy bars.

Maybe I'm just over-reacting. But I hate this guy's guts.


Juan der Last said...

Hmm. A few things.

A - You really overlooked these? Emphasis in parentheses mine.

"3. I am arrogant, and my arrogance depends on circumstances and situation and people.
4. I am more into intelligent talks (sic)
5. I am reserve (sic), the irony of # 3."

B - And this?

"That will not intereset me to reply..."

C - Join the ex-PR members club. ;)

Viktor Saudad said...
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Viktor Saudad said...

I wanted to find out kung talagang bobo siya kaya ko siya kinausap. Kasi mabuting maagapan habang maaga (pero matanda na siya).

Gusto ko sana sabihin on my 3rd message sa kanya na walang irony sa #3 and 5 nya.

Don't worry Juan, I'll be deleting this PR of mine...soon. :P
for now, pagkakatuwaan ko pa. Pamatay boredom din yan!

린코 said...

hahaha. jerks will be jerks, straight or otherwise.

kuyakoy said...

grins...pampaalis ng pagkaboring din yan,hehehehe

Viktor Saudad said...

@Nik and Kuyakoy:
Oh yes, jerks sometimes yank you from boredom...even for just a sec.