13 May 2011

Of Bad Habits

  1. I sleep late, even if I'm free to go to bed early.
  2. I smoke, not occasionally. Only when I'm awfully drunk with heavy smokers, I take a puff or two.
I think I've got more, definitely a lot more. But it's not really that easy to lay it all out in a list. Stick a little longer and you may witness a couple more.


Nicko Decano said...

It think theyre bad only if it ruins your life...except for smoking...IT BAD!!!! :D

Nicko Decano said...

follow mo naman ako para meron na akong follower :D

Anonymous said...

personally, i dont think smoking in a company of heavy smokers is not bad... its better than inhaling all those smoke.


IcedGreco said...

Not too detrimental your bad habits so far are. :)

the green breaker said...

hey Viktor, nothing is really wrong with bad habits; we all have one.

by the way, you told me in a comment to my post that you remember us chatting in PR. now i wonder who you really are. :p

Viktor Saudad said...

@Geek, my thoughts exactly! :)

@IcedGreco, the first one is. You know what lack of sleep can do to one's brain ;)

@Greenbreaker, I think I've already replied to one of your comments about that one...No, hindi ikaw ung inaakala ko. We have never chat before.