20 May 2011

5 Things About Me 2011-05-20

  1. I feel awkward hearing people say "PLU", or whispering "people like us" in a conversation. Why can't you just say "other gay people"?
  2. It's an eyesore to see people forcing to fit themselves in clothing 5 sizes smaller than their actual body mass. Notice those people who go out in a size 29 skinny jeans when they're actually 229lbs? And you could just see E-VER-RY CURRV-UH on their body...as in every unnecessary cleavage (a.k.a butt cracks, self-induced bilbil, and whatnot).
  3. Bulges are supposed to be seductive, not horrific. A lot of boys out there wear these ill-fitting khakis or plaid skirtsshorts, again, a size smaller than they are. You could just notice their awkward bulges in a puff, without even looking downwards. This is worse among chubby or overweight individuals. They disgust me, seriously.
  4. I'm no fashionista. I wear what I feel like wearing for the day. But I make sure I have clothes on appropriate for the occasion.Same with people I go out with, I prefer they wear something simple and not too flashy (kundi magmumukha akong underdressed. hehe)
  5. I like being at home, and I must say I'm an excellent host. I like hosting house parties, and by party I mean a lunch or dinner for a group of friends. I'm not a party person, as in clubbing and disco. Afternoon cocktails, homecooked dinner, or potluck lunch at my place is more my thing. Gathering for friends for a good chat and scrumptious meal is more of my deal.


린코 said...

me gusta. :P

the green breaker said...

not familiar with number 3. i need someone to take me to a spot filled with these. hahaha

the geek said...

it has been a while since i read something like this:

"I like being at home..."

you made ms smile...

odin hood said...

party party na! haha

eh why say 'boys' in italics sa number 3? (haha i forgot how to italicize words here) why not just say 'gay people' if that's what you actually mean? isn't this like committing the same crime in number 1?

Viktor Saudad said...

@Greenbreaker, punta ka lang ng mall meron ka na siguro maspot na dun. I doubt that you'll miss them, unless your not really keen on such details.

@the Geek, "Home is where the Heart is." :)

@odin: "Boys" kasi boys naman talaga. It's not actually related to Sexual preference. "Boys" is more related to age or maturity. Sila tong mga lalaking kung magbihis e bihis bata, either nasa edad or sa pag-iisip. Hence, the italicized "boys".

odin hood said...

ahh linawin mo kasi haha

Viktor Saudad said...

Well ikaw lang naman naguluhan eh.
But it's appreciated that you bothered to ask.