22 May 2011

FB Archive

I'm starting to hate this FB chat archive. I rarely go online on fb chat, kasi kadalasan e naiwas lang ako sa ilang tao na makachat. Pero tonight, I didn't notice I was online. And then I see M is online as well, dun sa left side with minute thumbnails. Naisip ko lang masilip profile nya so iyon yung na-click ko, not knowing that it will only launch the chat box.

At dun lumitaw ang aming long lost chat archive...nung month before ng breakup namin, when were still throwing hugs and kisses for each other.

It's just crappy that FB has to remind me of a past that -...
I will forever look back to that part of my life as the lie that fooled me. Or the truth that I shouldn't have trusted my heart with.

Either way, I'll forever resent that things had to end unhappily.


ron.angitawagmosaakin said...


odin hood said...

if it was me babasahin ko talaga... like putting lots of alcohol to sanitize a fresh wound, eventually you'll grow numb of the pain caused by the alcohol at least.

Viktor Saudad said...

Binasa ko naman.

Apparently, I still have conflicting issues about M.