25 April 2011

Stream 2011-04-25

this year
not big on holidays
not really different from last year though
same old same old
except for missing family

seeing relatives
don't feel like mingling
i'd rather sleep
or babysit
at least kids don't have adult issues
just potty and booboos

no one said it was easy
but i never imagined it to be so hard
completely clueless
yet it inspires you
to be the best you can be
and raise a good person

you've got to love 'em
i miss mine.


BOK said...

I miss my family as well.

Mugen said...

Will do a little back read to understand where your family is. Nakakalungkot nga ang wala sila.

Midnight Orgasm said...

You are lucky to have one, though. Not everyone does.

Papa Jay said...

Nice. Just dropping by. :)

Viktor Saudad said...

@BOK: where's your family?

@Mugen: I haven't posted anything about my family in this closet of mine. We're only separated by distance, of great distance. A phone call once in awhile makes me feel at Home.

@Midnight orgasm: Everyone has a family. they may not be of the same blood...but I'm sure everyone has a family, whom they may refer to as Home. for me Family is synonymous to Home.

@Papa Jay: Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again :)

BOK said...

I honestly don't know.

wanderingcommuter said...


before i left for manila, had a very bad fight with my dad and this entry made me really feel bad about what happened... but thanks... really.

Viktor Saudad said...

@BOK...how could that be? :(

@wnaderingcommuter: have you reconciled with your dad? Go call him and say sorry. (hehe, utusan daw ba? :P)

BOK said...

my mom's hubby kicked me out, and they moved in to a new house.

Viktor Saudad said...

@BOK no word since then?

BOK said...

yes, not even a glimpse from them.