05 April 2011

Grateful for being busy.

...would appreciate more if I can now enjoy my summer break. please!

I've got stuff going on that keeps me preoccupied from gayness. In a way it's a good thing, especially since I'm being super single.

Oh! except for this yummy guy this afternoon in the coffee shop who kept spreading his legs, doing a spread eagle sort of thing right across my table. He seems straight enough, and yummy as an ice cream in the summer heat. Buti na lang busy ako sa readings ko that I managed not to stare at his exposed thighs (and a little effort and I swear I would have seen this eagle's treasured nest).

Oh and another thing, learned a term from my (girl)friend today. The word for today is:
I don't really know its etymology, but it refers to the ideal attributes of a guy according to my (girl)friend's gay friend. "Ang tipo kong lalaki ay yung understanding." and by that he meant the size of his dick. I think the proper pronunciation would be : UN-der//STAAAN-ding. Yeah, a significant pause right after the second syllable, and a prolonged third syllable (better with a wink at the end of the word).

With that said, apparently, the eagle seem understanding enough.

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