27 April 2011

Born This Way

So I'm watching the latest episode of Glee, "Born This Way"...

Just a thought: I have never thought of being born this way. That's just crap for me. I wasn't born in this world in a tutu with a bow on my head. Every child was born like a blank canvas, or soft lump of clay. I don't remember telling my classmates in kindergarten that I was gay or that I like cross dressing (not that I do) for them to call me "bakla". Yes, I grew up with mean belligerent kids throwing sticks and stones - NOT literally. Their words, despite no truth in it, bruised me nonetheless.

I was not born this way, though people told me otherwise. I was that blank canvas, until people started splattering their imprints on me, just flickering their brushes with strife. A lump of clay, moulded and battered to a sculpt others deemed fitting. I was simply born to this world, not in any special way - simply born.

I might not have been this way have I been born some form of tapestry rather than a canvas, or a rock rather than clay. It's not out of regret that I'm saying these things, but I'm just saying that I never believed in that idea of being born this way. It wouldn't have been easy for other people to tamper with what I've been naturally born with.


Papa Jay said...

They say genetics may have a part to play in this. Watch this video, if you have time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PooEhBxh0NY

I agree with you that our respective environments shaped the persons we turned out to be, but we wouldn't be who we are if our genes weren't the way they are.

And that goes for everything about us - not just being this way. :)

odin hood said...

kulay pink talaga dapat yung 'this way' hahaha

BOK said...

It doesn't matter whether you were born this way or the other way. What matters is that you're happy with what you are now.