01 February 2011

On Social Networking:: PR, and an update.

Been busy these past couple of weeks, and I had to refrain from getting online as I needed to keep distractions at bay... which is PR.

Yes, PR eats a lot of my time especially when my hormones are at its peak (not that it has a cycle or something). What do I do in PR that consumes a lot of my time? Well, as indicated in my profile, I enjoy checking out profiles and chatting with strangers. I usually start browsing who's online, and those with a catchy headline or hot photo catches my initial fancy. Those with worthwhile entries deserve some attention, either I leave a footprint or I add them to my booklist. Then there are those who get a message from me, and it's usually a query based on their profiles.

I really enjoy talking to guys from pr. I dunno, perhaps I got used to it. That's how I actually started 4 years ago. It was G4M back in those days, and the forums was really active and flowing. I got contacts from certain threads and we'd eventually trade ym and strike a chat. If it gets interesting we'd trade landlines and continue the chat over the phone, which I've always found more comfortable and convenient. Not only it's easier to talk, but you get better assessment of the stranger with his tone and the emotions manifested by his voice.

Up to this day, I prefer exchanging a few emails, then if we're both online i'd prompt exchange of chat ids. Then if it gets more interesting I'd trade digits. Thanks to globe's unlicall, it makes it even more convenient. I'm still busy with stuff so I don't get to take every invitation for a meet up on an impulse. yeah...that is the only thing that's keeping me from going around town.

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