07 February 2011

Sun day

Your smile still lingers in my mind. You definitely made the sun in my day, brighten up my gloomy day. I'd like to bask more under your good graces, 

be thrilled by your laughter

blush with your banter

and be mesmerized by your strong gaze.

Now, now... we don't wanna rush things now, do we? I'd like to enjoy this, slow and smooth. Like that bike ride you gave me today. :)  Though I got off too soon and opted to walk... sorry. I was ...scared. Next time, I'd let you take me on a ride; just not on the "rough terrains" of Manila, eh?

See you soon. How's next Sunday?


Grey said...

Yihi. Someone's gotta make kwento.

Viktor Saudad said...

ah yes, we trade kwentos mr.grey.

But i'm sure yours is more juicy than mine ;)