14 January 2011

On staying SUPER: a Siamese or an Akita

Been thinking of it a lot lately...
To go on hiatus or hibernation. or something.
Basta, I want to silence this part of me for awhile.

I want to stop looking at boys, or playing with men; not a single glance, nor a flirty remark.
I just want to stay SUPER single. as in SUPER single. ugh.

Can someone give me a pet? A cat, or a puppy. or even a plant. Any living thing that would benefit from my affection.

(Oh crap. I don't like how that came out...fuck the word).

Basta... i want a pet that would benefit from me. hmm... argh.

I'm no good with words now. basta. PET please!

1 comment:

Sean said...

i think writing helps. so you may want to keep writing :)