06 January 2011

On Fate, horoscopes, and holy schmolly: New Year Brings

I tried the Phrases 4 fun app in facebook, the "New Year will Bring ____ in ur Life?". Interesting enough, I got "LOVE" on my first hit and posted it on my wall. Being the sceptic and cynic that [I believe] I am, I gave it another round and got "SUSPENSE". Quite confused, I hit it again and got "Suspense" the second time. Suspense is a little vague and I thought I might get some clarifications if I give it a hit the fourth time. Got "Love" for the second time. 

It's Love vs. Suspense, tied at a score of deuce. I just can't settle with a tie, so I had to see it to the end who'd win in a match of 5...


*drum roll*

Waw. So the new year will bring me Love-suspense-suspense-love in exact order... Yet in the end, will leave Sadness behind. Something to look forward to, don't you think?

I should have settled with "Love".

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