31 December 2010

New Anew

In a few hours it's gonna be a new year, and I'm considering of coming up with a new PR profile. I enjoy reading profiles in PR, even way back guys4men (G4m) days. You can say I indulge in checking out random strangers and how they put down in to words their being. Some simply make use of the slam book format, with quotes or song lyrics, or their definition of love, even their dreams and ambitions. Others prefer putting up a classified ad, searching for applicants (educational attainment not necessary); as long as you're equipped with the goods and have the means, you're hired. And there are also some who put up an obituary, reminiscing (or bitching about) a failed relationship, a good for nothing boyfie, an elegy lamenting their hearts' death.

Here's mine:
With my profile, I think it's more of a blog rather than a profile. Even with my friendster (my very first social networking site), I put down latest thoughts or whims instead of a slam book, a classified ad or an orbituary. I dunno, it might be a little of everything depends on my mood and state of mind.

Hmmm... new year's coming, and I think I need a new profile. Perhaps just some trimming. Or, to come up with a new "Giving myself a year for/to..." (this is requires a separate entry. I'll work on that soon).

or perhaps to put more stuff about What I should have said...?

Here's to a year anew! Welcome 2011!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. Happy new year sa'yo Viktor.

Sherwin said...

Hi Viktor,

Nice to read your latest entry. So where does my profile fall in your categories? hehehehe. Happy New Year and may you find happiness not only in hanging out with people in PR but also in yourself. See you around

Viktor Saudad said...

@Sherwin: yours different and not mentioned in this entry...

you have what I call, a Hallmark. as in ung GREETING CARDS. hehe. short, nice message posted as a profile. Palibhasa happy lovelife mo eh! hahah!