24 December 2010

purged my phone inbox

Apparently I've kept most of your messages. from the most random and senseless texts, to the most endearing ones.

you replied to all of my messages, even if it took you days. you always do reply. you are one sweet "baby" even though you keep denying it.adorable, though you try to be grumpy. you greet me "good mornings" that truly brightens up my day. don't tell you're not sweet like that?

those simple stuff... got me to..
- well,...

like you.

and keeping your messages,seeing your name one after the other in my inbox - gives me a reason to check my phone even when most of the days i receive not a single call nor text. It puts a smile on my face when I say your name and how cute it sounds even though you like adding an extra consonant to it to make it sound not unusual.

there was a time when i can't get to talk to you. 'cause everytime i call, you were busy or unavailable. you blamed it on my poor timing. then a week after, i'd see your name in my missed call list in between classes.you were off timing.

poor timing. those two words are just overwhelming with hope, and it's giving me this churning feeling in my gut.



i can't finish this post anymore. one, i'm getting nauseous. two, i'm out in the chilly weather, and bugs are feasting on my blood now. three... i'm not really sure how to end this entry, and what to say as an ending.
I guess i don't want to end it yet.I'll have to wait this out a little longer.
[saved December 23, 2010, 23:36 ET]

What I should have said...last night in my other blog.


Sherwin said...

Hello there..Nice reading your first entry. After skimming through it, I realized that I just went through a stage in my life where I also did these things and I can't help but remember the good old days. hehehe, but you know bottomline, when the time comes that you are sure in finding someone who'd make you feel so right, what's really important is that you love yourself a little bit more than you usually do, and you won't go wrong.

Sherwin said...

Hi there good morning, well, since you started a gay blog and i'm not quite in the mood to register a new account might as well put my gay thoughts here.

Well, usually I do batch workouts at Fitness First ABS-CBN every thursdays with my friends, but unfortunately for this week, that is the only available time when my boyfriend's available to meet, although it's quite a tough call, in the end I chose to gave up going to the gym even though he insisted that I should workout. Well, I realized that at the end of the day, you can always go back on the next thursdays to work out, but you don't usually get to end the year together with your loved one diba?

Also, the fact that I have to choose and prioritize, I realized just how important my boyfriend is to me and I am glad he knows how much I love him

Sorry for the cheesy comment ha, wala lang, it's very liberating to share this in your blog. Pag marami-rami na I'd make my own gay blog na rin

Viktor Saudad said...

it's nice of you to share...hehe. Why not put these thoughts in your blog? do you really need to come up with a "closet" blog?

and why don't you and your boyfie go workout together? I'm guessing he's the buff type... so why not workout together? make it a gym date. after an intensive workout, go and cool down with a steamy shower. then head off somewhere for a good hearty meal...then some lovin' after :)

for me it's a win-win! :)

Sherwin said...

Hi Viktor,

Well like you, there are things also that I can't just post in my "mainstream" blog because a lot of people won't understand and might use that misunderstanding to harm you. I guess you know what I mean.

Well your suggestion about the gym date is tempting especially the steamy shower hehehe, but he hasn't gone to the gym for quite sometime, for now, I guess he'd rather spend the whole day in the steamy shower hehehhe

Viktor Saudad said...

@sherwin, I see... i completely understand. I just thought that you're more open with the people around you regarding your sexuality.

thanks for the comments and kwento ah...keep 'em coming. ANd i'm happy for you and your steamy shower! To more steamy showers for you and your boyfie! :D

Sherwin said...

@Viktor --> hehehe, more comments and kwento for us for the coming year. thank you for being nice to me. I'll follow your posts here