24 March 2012

A Quickie

as much as I'd like to have a long discourse about sex, I can't -  for the lack of time, creativity and energy,. oh and libido.

I'd simply would like to declare that, I WOULD LIKE A HOT FUCKING GOODSEXY TIME.

I can't.

Because when I start going down on business....
I lose...


It's actually a realization, that when I go for a hookup, I kind of bail out, or umaagtras ang libog, on the last minute. Call it hang up, inhibition, indecisiveness...
I simply call it, "Not meant for me".

I do get horny most of the time. My libido spikes up that it drives me rabid. But in the end, a reckless hookup doesn't drive me to the edge. I may yearn for flesh, for heat, for ecstasy, orgasm to the brink of eternity... But without romance and passion to drive me uphill and push me off the edge, they're all but naught to me.

18 March 2012

3 in one plus 1

No, there weren't any ice cream served then. It was about four or five years ago, back then I was in my sexual state...

06 March 2012

On Sex and Alcohol

This is how it usually goes for me.

Except for shooting truck tires, yes, this is almost always the case for me. I really don't mix sex with alcohol.  There was, however,  only one instance that I had. And it was also my first and only group activity. You may call it foursome, but I think  it was more of a three-plus-onesome. I'll fill you in on the details some other time.

02 March 2012


Sometimes it spice things up.
Whether for the good or the bad - you simply have to wait and see.