25 February 2012

Hangover in the Morning

It just sucks! I'm kind of a morning person pa man din, and not able to have a decent breakfast just irks me. Damn hangover! haha! i think i had about a bottle and a half of 500mL RH. E RH yun... it's one of those drinks that I least prefer. But hey, who am I to complain, I was only invited last night.

24 February 2012

When two hotties invite you for a shot..

how could you say no?

Off to a session. er.. my first inuman session in awhile. at probinsya style. hehe. puro straight pa kasama ko. sana lang matino ako diba...lalo na may hotties.



yeah, i behave better when i'm drunk. By behave, you know what i mean.

16 February 2012

Intimacy, a Yearning

Playing in my head for a few days now...
This is the sound of intimacy. The feeling and mood this music gives me, that's how I'd like it to be when I'm making out with my guy...

the touch of his warm hands, 
the smooth caress of his lips, 
the strong embrace and pressing firm body...

All of these and more, that would make me sink deeper in his arms...


This music shall play on cue, whenever that blissful moment arise.

12 February 2012


What's with all those hearty decorations plastered on walls, dangling from chandeliers? Ang aga namang celebrasyon nyan, hindi ba?

It's like a countdown...
"You still have 2 days left to find a date for the V day!"


Hmmm... Great. so they've extended the Single Awareness Day.

01 February 2012

Life, in Transit

A few stops here and there may actually be good. We get to take a pause to check where we're heading, how far we've gone, and the goods that we carry if we're still good to go.

[Queued post: This entry is inspired by Caloy's Coffee Prophecy on Jan 26th. ]

Going through a rough patch.
Hopefully I pull myself through instead of breaking down.