14 January 2011

On staying SUPER: a Siamese or an Akita

Been thinking of it a lot lately...
To go on hiatus or hibernation. or something.
Basta, I want to silence this part of me for awhile.

I want to stop looking at boys, or playing with men; not a single glance, nor a flirty remark.
I just want to stay SUPER single. as in SUPER single. ugh.

Can someone give me a pet? A cat, or a puppy. or even a plant. Any living thing that would benefit from my affection.

(Oh crap. I don't like how that came out...fuck the word).

Basta... i want a pet that would benefit from me. hmm... argh.

I'm no good with words now. basta. PET please!

10 January 2011

with Friends: Stay close.

I want to be there for you as your friend...

but without betraying myself.
For now, I'm doing my best to settle things with myself. But please, don't go wandering off...
It kind of hurt (very slightly) to think that you're staying away as I'm [sort of] struggling with my [not-so-intense] feelings for you.

Basta. I want us to be good friends. Give me time and I'll be able to settle things down. Just, keep in touch. I hate to think that you're evading  me or something. Please, don't. It'd just be hurtful. Well, a little bit.

I guess I shouldn't have said anything in the first place...

06 January 2011

On Fate, horoscopes, and holy schmolly: New Year Brings

I tried the Phrases 4 fun app in facebook, the "New Year will Bring ____ in ur Life?". Interesting enough, I got "LOVE" on my first hit and posted it on my wall. Being the sceptic and cynic that [I believe] I am, I gave it another round and got "SUSPENSE". Quite confused, I hit it again and got "Suspense" the second time. Suspense is a little vague and I thought I might get some clarifications if I give it a hit the fourth time. Got "Love" for the second time. 

It's Love vs. Suspense, tied at a score of deuce. I just can't settle with a tie, so I had to see it to the end who'd win in a match of 5...


*drum roll*

Waw. So the new year will bring me Love-suspense-suspense-love in exact order... Yet in the end, will leave Sadness behind. Something to look forward to, don't you think?

I should have settled with "Love".