26 October 2014

Q4 update. This one's a chatty entry.

How come kung kailan ako hindi nagsusulat, o nagpopost e saka ako humahakot ng page views?
So I had to check Jjampong's blog, usually kasi ganun - may sinulat siya kaya lang may magcheck ng blog ko. 

True enough... he has more time to spend infront of the computer, well, given na yun ang trabaho nya. While I on the other hand, have been working. Oh yes, I'm working na. Sa edad kong ito, medyo huli na, but I'm quite excited starting to earn a living - in short, sumweldo. Jj and I have been having less physical time together... and that goes with intimacy as well :(

I've been working for a month now... and how I hate people. Sadyang may mga taong kupal. Ugh, nakakalason sila ng pagkatao. I want to puke on their faces. Ako aminado akong masamang tao, pero I strive to be good. Samantalang tong ibang tao, striving to be bad. I don't know which is worse.

Jump of ideas. I've derailed myself from the career path I've been set to pursue for years. This is scary yet interesting at the same time. Mas maingat ako ngayon with the choices I make unlike before, you just follow a course outline in school.Ang dali pala magschool, having finished a college degree and pursued post graduate studies. Now, living beyond the walls of the classroom is scary. There's a lot to learn and know about aside from what my course/career offers. Now I have to learn more about taxes, human resources, press relations, and even politics. I'm not fond of politics, but still tickles the interest.

Speaking of politics, I've finished 5 seasons of Brothers&Sisters. I now have the curiosity about Republicans and Democrats. Yeah, ganyan lang ako kadali maimpluwensyahan ng mga teleserye. Kahit nga paggawa ng tsokolate nagkainteres ako dahil lang kay Paulo Avelino sa isang kapamilya teleserye.

Going back to the derailed career path... I'm giving myself sort of a one year break. It's not exactly a one year long of vacation, fun and parties. Mas madali lang kasing sabihin "break" kapag tinatanong ako ng mga tao "Ano na ginagawa mo?". Sa isang taong break na ito, I'm letting myself fulfill a couple of things. 
  • One, to experience earning a living. 
  • Two, to see the world out there may it be through work or vacation. 
  • Three, learning must-knows as a civilian, like politics, social issues, the latest music videos (sorry, hindi ako updated sa social media and pop culture) and how to bring about World Peace, perhaps. 
  • Four, I want to open other possibilities in life. 

On that fourth note, I'd like to make it clear that Jjampong and I are together and have no plans of breaking up. I can say that we're doing great - though nobody's asking. However, I'm sure there are anons thinking otherwise. Oh, and as I have mentioned before we've been spending less physical time together, well, compared to a year ago. I think we've gone past the honeymoon stage. There had been a significant (haha! as per observation) decrease in sexy time, and we're not even "craving" (I hope my boyfriend brush this part aside haha!). Compared to before of 3-4x weekly of lovemaking, we've downgraded to about - uhm... - I can't even remember the last time we made love. (I think I'm gonna get in trouble for posting this. :P) Anyhow... that doesn't mean we're less in love with each other, or are less passionate for one another. I think we're on a new level in our relationship, and it's a good thing. We're focusing more on our own careers, but we still find time to stay connected at the end of the day. (Still, I wouldn't mind the 3-4x weekly of lovemaking if the schedules permit. haha!)

In this one year break of mine (jumping back to an earlier thought), I'm also aiming for certain milestones at this point of my life. This would be my fifth bullet.
  • Go to the gym, and start building body mass.Be healthy, and get healthier.
I also wish to be better as a person. For the past months from the start of this year, I've gone through quite a lot emotionally and psychologically. I can't deny the sadness, melancholy that had dawned on me for reasons I'd rather keep to myself. It's quite a bumpy ride, and I'm glad I was able to jump off it. So that would be the sixth goal in this one year break.

This is quite a long entry, given how I have a preference for keeping things brief and not fully divulging. Kung susumahin, parang siniksik ko lang yung mga nagdaan oras at panahon sa iisang entry. This entry has too much going on, and I'm quite in a chatty mood. The introvert in me is, I guess, taking a break from me too. 

Well, it feels good being able to write this much again.


Simon said...

Good luck on your new endeavor ;)

Arwind Vera said...

Good luck with your plans, and your lovelife. I just got back, and discovered that your partner is another blogger. That's cool :)

Victor Saudad said...

@Simon, actually same profession pa din. Ibang landas lang kumbaga. I still plan to get back on the main road. :)

@Arwind, hello! yes he has more net time compared to me. Oh and nauna akong magblog bago siya nagkaroon.