25 October 2014

One of my deepest fears...

Swimming in the deep blue sea.

No metaphor. No sublime intentions.
Seriously. I get freaked out floating in the middle of the sea, especially on the deep areas. Just the idea of something or someone might wrap my legs and pull me down, sinking me to the bottom, scares the hell out of me.


jep buendia said...

relate much! lol :)

Sepsep said...

I've read something before about innate fears. Sabi daw, if meron ka raw fear of something without prior trauma or bad experience since childhood, maybe in one of your past lives (yes, may kinalaman sa reincarnation chuva, if you believe in it), you died because of it. So if may unexplained fear ka sa deep and open waters, even though wala ka namang prior experience na nalunod ka, most likely ay namatay ka pagkalunod sa isang past life mo.

Theory lang naman 'yan. I just find it interesting. :)