15 May 2014

Ten things on Us, Me, and Him

So we came across another survey, the 10-10-10 Us-Me-Him survey and we decided to answer it ourselves. Kaso hinati namin. we'll be giving 5 each.  So you'll have to check his answers too.

5 things about us:
  1. We're not exactly in the closet. Our families are not clueless of what we have, since we've both opened up to our mom's...however, there was a difference on the reception.
  2. We both graduated from the same University along Espanya.
  3. We don't fulfill roles in bed. Top, bottom, giver, receiver, are terms not applicable to our relationship.
  4. We both like speedos. And seeing men in it. haha! That's how our first conversation started up.
  5. We don't publicly display affection. So we do a lot behind closed doors (and tinted cars).

5 things about Me:
  1. I'm 16% Spanish. (How it was computed, I don't really know). Pure indio looks tho.
  2. I'm not fond of Chinese men. Sure, most of them are cute, attractive. But from experience, I never had a good experience meeting/dating Chinese men. And there's something that I find - hilaw. haha! Kumbaga kulang sa toast na pandesal :P
  3. I'm born under the year of the Rabbit. Kala ko dati Dragon ako. So medyo confused ako since between Dragon and Rabbit yung birthday ko.
  4. I enjoy how I can turn my boyfriend to one horny bunny. :P
  5. Early this year, we both found out something grievous. I've offered my boyfriend an easy way out of our relationship. But he didn't take it, and decided to stay by my side.

5 things about Jjampong:
  1. He's a crybaby. I think he cried more than 4 times already... Hindi simpleng luha lang ah. As in hagulgol...mala-MMK?
  2. He's my sexy driver. He likes fetching me from work, or home. As well as taking me home especially if it's late in the evening. He also wishes to apply as my personal driver once I get an Audi. 
  3. He's Chinoy, 75% Chinese, of Chinese upbringing.
  4. He's matampuhin. For someone born under the Snake, he's quite sensitive.
  5. He's very - how should I say it - arousable. haha! He easily gives in to my seductive maneuvers.


Geosef Garcia said...

Curious ako dun sa 'something grievous' that you mentioned. I believe hindi niyo pa naikwento ang tungkol dun.

Nice list though. :)

Jjampong said...

Well... What's important is that we have each other :)

Sorry for the post above, nagkatypo so i deleted hehe

SilverwingX said...

I'm just curious, what's that grave thingy?