13 May 2014

Survey - Relationships

Took this from Jeki's blog. It'll be a first for us (team effort) to answer a questionnaire. So here goes...

Psych 101 Survey - Relationships

1. Are you currently in a non-platonic relationship with someone or recently had one?
Jj: Currently! :*** (sabay kiss sa braso ko)
VS: Anong "currently"?? Yes, or no ang sagot.
Jj: Currently YES :D
VS: Sure ka?
Jj: Uuuy grabe ka naman... =___=

2. Do you see yourself being with the same person you are with now in the next 5 years?
VS: I do have a 5-year plan... how about you?
Jj: Dapat ba akong matuwa duun? =_______=
*after going through the rest of the questions...*
Jj: Wait! di ko pa nasasagot ung #2!
VS: Ano na?
Jj: (looks at me playfully...) YES - an honest yes ^_______^

3. If there was someone in your past that you would like to be with now, would you rather be with that person or with the one you have now?
Jj: I think ikaw ang best na sumagot nyan...ang dapat sumagot nyan :D Kasi ako... I choose/I chose (with matching "Tadaah" pose towards me)
VS: Haay nako. :P

4. What's the difference between being happy and satisfied in the context of a relationship?
VS: *dirty grin*
Jj: =____= Hmmm?
VS: Pinag-iisipan mo talaga???
Jj: Eh mahirap nang sagutin ng maiksi...dapat mahaba. Gawan ko na lang ng separate blogpost yan.

5. Are you sexually satisfied with your current relationship? How about before?
VS: So ako na sasagot from here on...
Jj: Ay. (nang mabasa ang 3rd word sa question na ito...)
VS: (kuha sa laptop at sinolo)
Jj: (tingin na parang kuting)
VS: Hihihi...*kagat labi*

6. What's the difference with being in a "fling" than being "in commitment"?
VS: Fling, madaling dispatsahin pag suya na. Commitment, daig pa kulangot na malagkit.
Jj: Ehh, fling for me e defense mechanism ng "moving on".
V S: Ano yun??
Jj: Helps you to forget.
VS: You mean fling, helps you forget that you're in a commitment :D
Jj: Hindi! helps you move on from a failed commitment.
VS: Still I have a point :D
Jj: Nakakainis =____= (sundot sa tagiliran)

7. Have you now, or in the past cheated your relationship partner?
Jj: No.
VS: (Looks to him slowly...)
Jj: Hindi, ako kasi ung 3rd party e..., does that count for cheating?
VS: Defensive ka? hehe
VS: :D Well, to answer the question... wala pa ko chance magcheat before, sa past relationships ko.

8. Would you consider the following situation cheating or not?
a. you exchange text messages with someone and made sure that you delete the said conversation so the person you are in a relationship with can't find out about it.
Jj: Hmm, hindi pa siguro.
VS: Hindi sigurado? Definitely not.

b. you kissed someone.
Jj: Nope. But that doesnt mean you can do it. hmp! (Sabay duro sa akin)
VS: Depende kung saan, and if you kissed back. Still not cheating. Pero issue pa rin if you kissed back.
c. you had sex with someone.
Jj: Yeees.
VS: Hm?
Jj: Yes. Sex is not something you just do randomly once you're in a relationship.
VS: Well IF you had sex with someone else, it won't be outright cheating for me. I'll still have to weigh certain factors. Like, how many times, how often, who you did with. oh oh oh! and If you intentionally hide it from me, then deny it to my face when I ask you upfront, then you make me believe it was nothing, when in fact it was more than sex. Ayun. Very considerate ako, if you must say.
Jj:(gives a doubting look)

d. you fantasize about having sex with someone.
VS: (reads the question ecstatically) :D
Jj: Ikaw sumagot nyan.
VS: Sure ka, gusto mo marinig sagot?
Jj: Oo.
VS: Hmmm...define "fantasize"? Or do I want to have sex with someone? Or do I want us to have sex with someone, like a threesome?
Jj: Yung fantasy mo talaga makipagthreesome... (sabay sundot sa akin)
VS: Wait, san mo nakuha na fantasay ko yun?!?
Jj: You always ask me that-  you always bring it up... eeeeh
VS: Oh?

9. Do you agree that people in a relationship should keep secrets from each other or should they be open and have full disclosure?
*silence* for about 10 seconds
Jj: Definitely no secrets.
VS: How would one know if the other is keeping secrets? :P
Jj: Nasa kanya na yun.
VS: Case in point.

10. If you are not happy but you are satisfied with your current relationship, would you cheat or look for someone else? What if you are happy but not satisfied?
VS:Wait...let's go back to one of the questions... (scrolls up to #4)
VS: hmmm...
Jj: Cheating, never an option. Never. Never-an-op-tion.
VS: Hmm, sagutin na nga ung #4...
Happiness may be synonymous to satisfaction. I guess it would depend on the expectation set. Most people have to meet their expectations for them to be happy. Yet there are those who can't be satisfied with the happiness being showered upon them.
So going back to #10... When will happiness be enough? Will I be the one to give that happiness? Will I be enough? If I can't make him happy, he wouldn't be satisfied with me... and as mere mortals, we all pursue for happiness. I can't hold on to someone miserable under my care (or the lack of). If he cheats by looking for happiness from someone else, it would be on me. And I couldn't live with that. I'd let him go and set him free, free from cheating, free for happiness. That wouldn't be "happy" on my end, but that would be enough.

VS: Tsk. masyado nang mahaba yun. hm.
Jj: (nods)


Nomad said...

I'm confused

Nomad said...

Aaaah gets ko na. Jj is Jiampong

Geosef Garcia said...

*hahaha* Kulit niyong dalawa. When it comes to handling relationships, may similarities tayo Vic.Pero baka feel ko lang yun. :P

Victor Saudad said...

Really Sep?
Would you like to compare notes over coffee sometime? ;)