05 April 2013

Inspired by Ignorance

I hate to break it to you guys, but this PR guy just inspired (or should I say, "in spite") me to blog. After a long break from blogging (for other reasons, that I'll have to write about some other time), this guy did a great job urging me to write. Truly, by imbibing the very lyrical "just the way you are", truly truuuully, he's just so amazing. AMAZINGLY STUPID (feel the rage in this statement. please).

Of course, I'd like to share this ugh-mazing encounter with you. Come on, let's all revel in his greatness.

Oh, shit! He already blocked me after his reply to me. If only you can check his account (I wouldn't dare you to even pry on his existence, but for the sake of this entry, sige search nyo siya), you'd read there that he's of Spanish descent, and that he's real name is something foreign, and that he has a list of sudo names. Yes, you read that right - SUDO NAMES - which included Peter Parker, Aldof Thiler, even Henry Si. Oh, diba ugh-mazing guy!

Ako naman si Mr. Charitable, I sent him a message which was plain and simple:
"Sudo Name", is spelled PSEUDONYM. You might want to change that.
I did that out of goodwill and service to all humankind. And this is his response to that:

Syempre, like any normal human being, I'd retaliate or at least defend myself from his arrogance (at para rin puksain ang mga tulad nya). I was about to send my lenghty reply when I remembered to check first if he blocked me. As expected, he did. Ganyan naman talaga mga nilalang na tulad nya sa PR.

Seriously, I do not understand where they get such attitude, kung saang kaibuturan (I double checked this term, and amazing may online Filipino dictionary. Something I learned new today! Hoorah!) nila nahalukay ung ugali nila... pati na rin kung saang kweba sila namuhay, ni anino nila di nasilayan.

Sigh... poor soul.

NOT. At dahil nga blocked na ko sa kanya, gusto ko pa rin iparating ang mensahe ko sa kanya, pai na rin sa mga kalahi nya.

Isa kang malaking tanga. Imbes na nagpasalamat ka dahil itinama ka, e nagmalaki ka pa ng katangahan mo.
Basahin mo ulit ung mensahe mo at tingnan mo kung sino arrogante.
Using words too big for your own vocabulary. Sige nga, define GROTESQUE. Define INCONGRUOUS. What is the the etymology of INCONGRUOUS?
Maliban sa pagkakamali mo sa SUDO NAME, ang tanga mo pa.
"i am bloody aware of that mister.that's how i want to use the word." Bobo. Pano ka gagamit ng isang salitang wala namang katuturan ni kabuluhan?
First time kong magmura sa isang user dito.
Congratulations ikaw ang una, sa sobrang katangahan.
Mister, huwag kang magkakamaling sumalubong sa landas ko...
baka mapaluhod at mapasamba ako sa katangahan mo. I really cannot believe such ignorance exist.


Hustin said...

haha at least napabalik ka nya sa pag-blog hehe :P

Miguel Damián González Blanco said...

A classic example of those who mask ignorance with aggression and arrogance.


Miguel Damián González Blanco said...

P.S. He's changed his username. AldofThiler is now unsearchable.

JM said...

Grotesque... Incongruous... Even for such souls like me, who conjures profound words in writing, won't use it to give false impressions of superiority.

Sudonym. Magamit nga next time na bumalik ako sa PR. Haha.

Victor Saudad said...

@ Hustin, Hoy! how come I can't read your blog anymore? tsktsk... nakakalungkot naman.

@Miguel, bet tayo binago nya na rin ung nakasulat sa profile nia na "Sudo Name".

@JM kung makita mo sya sa PR pakitaan mo ng tamang paggamit ng Sudo Name. ;)