10 April 2013


On a hot April noon, I was out having lunch with a dear friend of mine. It's been a long while since we've spent time together, talked about our life happenings. Then she asked, "How are you Victor?" and I replied with a smile. 
VS: I'm currently seeing someone. We've been dating for the past weeks now.
CC: Oh, that's nice. Showbiz?
VS: Nope, nonshowbiz. But graduated from the same university. He's younger than me though. 
CC: *Stares in query*
VS: What? He's just a year younger! :P 
CC: It's not that... I just realized you haven't been in kilig since M. 
VS: Oh... 
 Oo nga ano... wala nga.
 CC:It's just that, I haven't seen you in kilig lately. Wala kang kinakikiligan since M.
That had me thinking... I cannot even remember the kilig I had with M. The moments I had kilig, other than over a guy, were over CC's freshly baked choco-walnut cookies, cinnamon roll from Baguio, and... hm, no more. 

I miss the kilig, but I'm not craving it. It will come naturally, and I hope it does. Currently, someone's giving me more than kilig ;)

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