30 November 2012

How You Hold Me Draws Me Closer (The Beginning)

So, for the past month, I've been dating RD, a native of Davao. RD is actually 8 years my senior and he's currently in his 3rd year of law school. Initially we traded digits from PR, and been sending random sms since then for about a month, before we finally decided to meet up.

That evening we decided to meet up and to go to a coffee shop in Morato since he needed to study and I had a few readings to finish. We had dinner as well. After a good 4 hours of reading, we were both starting to feel a bit tired and decided to grab a few bottles of beer to ease the stress and, according to him, to help fall asleep. We shared a bucket, knowing me, I'm good after 2 bottles (meaning, loose and flirty). I don't remember any more what transpired, what were the conversations about. Basta, tipsy na ko after 4 bottles na di ko alam kung paano umabot sa apat... I might have taken some of his.

Then it poured hard, one of those heavy October rains. We hailed a cab, and he held me tight to his side, wrapped his jacket around me and we dashed our way to the cab. When we got inside, it was only then that I realized how drunk I was. I was groggy, my head bobbing side to side as the cab would take sudden turns. He held my by the shoulder and gently lowered my head on his lap. One hand firmly pressed on my arm, while the other was freely caressing head with his fingers gently brushing through my hair. And in seconds, I dozed off.


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Hello, sir! Not really a blogger. Just a visitor of some random blogs. It's not actually that random coz I commonly visit homosexuality-themed or oriented blogs. Call me PB since I've noticed you're fond of using initials and I don't really disclose my preference to people (yet, I guess). Just dropping by to at least know people around here. (Even in just a virtual manner.) Keep safe, Sir VS! :)