25 November 2012

Gusto mo ba ako maging boyfriend?

VS: Hmm, No. 
RD: Oh, okay.

and just like that, I wrapped up a DTR (define the relationship).

I'll make kwento about it. i think i need to hear some comments, or a view from different perspectives. Anyone?


Mugen said...

At least, you made things clear.

As for your comment on my Collateral Damage entry, i'd rather cut ties early. It's easier for the other person to move on.

Herbs D. said...

i havent read any recent posts of yours except for this one, but hey, it's better to straight-forward that to lead another guy on. :)

Victor Saudad said...

Mugen, Herbs,...
actually i haven't cleared anything yet with the guy.

and it's my dilemma.