12 February 2012


What's with all those hearty decorations plastered on walls, dangling from chandeliers? Ang aga namang celebrasyon nyan, hindi ba?

It's like a countdown...
"You still have 2 days left to find a date for the V day!"


Hmmm... Great. so they've extended the Single Awareness Day.


Grey said...

Tss. My efforts seem unrecognized. LMAO.

린코 said...

Bah, we'll all find someone to spend it with. And yes, this is me being too optimistic.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

cute ng video! :D parang gusto ko din maging cupid... or magugulo lang talaga pag ako ang nagpana. lol. Happy Valentine's Day!

Victor Saudad said...

@Grey... as of now, you're efforts are still to be recognized. Wala ako nararamdaman, as in NOTHING. NIL. NADA. ZERO.
Wala man lang hint or maski teaser.

haha! Err, can't you work on it a lil faster? :P
Or i guess it's a good thing... taking it slow, and not the usual fast-paced whirlwind romance.


Bahala ka na.
(i really hope you do succeed. haha!)

Victor Saudad said...

uhm, i don't mind spending it with no one.
SRSLY, I don't mind not dating on valentines.
[see post :http://atthebottomofthestairs.blogspot.com/search/label/Valentines]

Victor Saudad said...

nako di ako pwedeng maging cupido... i'm to mean and grimm for a cupid. I think I'd be better (or worse) as the Dark Angel... I'd rather toy with death than with love.

(sheesh...) =___=