07 February 2012


This is my closet, as it has been indicated since the start of this blog. This is the place I let my homosexuality run wild. But to be honest, tamed pa nga ito e. Honestly, tamed pa ito.

This is my closet, where I get to hide from friends and family; to people who can't or wouldn't understand how I see myself and my sexuality. I get to be naked in front of my mirror, in my own walk-in closet. I get to be comfortable in my own skin, bask in my own full glory.

This is my closet. What do you expect to see?
I wouldn't discuss politics, philosophy, health, arts, media, pop culture in here. I discuss those matters with people I talk to every single day. How did my day go? I have blogs to list it down in detail aside from my journals and diary. I write most of my insights down, about life, career, family...

I spend a huge fraction of my time each day in contemplation, reflection... oo, gawain ko ang magmunimuni. Hindi ko nga lang nagagawang ilathala lahat ng pagmumuni ko. It's not something I'm obliged to document or publicized. Walang pinipiling lugar - beyond bathe, bus, and bed.

This is my closet I happened to have decorated myself. I pin up posters of my man crushes, of hot nudes, souvenirs from my trips, etc. Stuff that I wouldn't usually flaunt to my siblings and colleagues.

This is my closet... I get to be naked and pleasure myself. I don't give much attention to peeping toms.

I guess I'm quite the exhibitionist.

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