27 January 2012

Whilst There's Time

I have always kept my weekends free for possibilities, spontaneity, randomness. But for the past weeks it has been disappointing.
I'm not blaming anybody, I simply would like to make the most out of my weekends - that's why I freely adjust my weekends to any chance of a good time.

However, these coming weeks will be busy now since I'll have to be on my toes with work. If I get a decent free time, it's usually late at night. 

I'd like to go on a date at least before February. A decent date, not exactly a romantic one. A friendly date, an intimate moment with someone, simply connecting with someone through words, sharing good laughs over a scrumptious meal, or enjoying each other's warm company in a chilly theatre. A date.

In a haste? Definitely not. I'm in no hurry of nailing a date (uhm, pun semi-intended). I just think, as well as some people, that a date would be good for me. Yes, a date would do me good - something that I'm hopefully looking forward to.

A date. A time well spent....with someone.

Pardon the pun, but they do have their own intent or message to address. Yes, going on a date actually has a physiologic purpose. And it's not exactly what you think. Consider it as an inhibitory  stimulus, rather than excitatory.


Grammar Killer said...

May your wish come true.

Gram Math said...

good luck on February

Grey said...

I think I just got knifed there.

Yas Jayson said...

Then come to our blogger dinner! Email me if interested :)

Victor Saudad said...

@GREY, hey you've already paid your debts... Quits na :)

@Grammar and Gram : thanks! i'm really looking forward for a good date... i just hope scheds would be kind enough to give us time.

@Yas, i'm still thinking about it. but initially I was thinking of going with a date man lang. I'm not really good with social gatherings.