24 January 2012

"I Feel Fat."

If you've seen me and heard me say this, you'd definitely slap the world out of me.
Weighing only 123 lbs at 5'7", yes, I have no K to claim that I am fat.

Blaaah. Something random. I want to go to the gym again, not to lose weight but to gain more mass. Reasons?

  1. working hard and sweating out makes me feel good. Good blood flow, better circulation...*yadda yadaa*...health benefits. (LOL!)
  2. a little more upper torso mass would make me look less sickly. Lampayatot is so old school, and boring.
  3. looking good physically, might just boost some confidence. as well as hotness.
  4. hotness is directly related to market value. increased hotness, increased market value.
  5. high market value, would entail better harvest.
I don't really know marketing, economics, and those stock market.
I'm just saying, I want to get lean.


lonewolf said...

good for you coz you will not only look hot but healthy as well

imsonotconio said...

and the most important reason is



i feel so lumba lumba tuloy, u feel fat eh ur mukhang slim naman

린코 said...

woah, you're thin... i'm 5'11'' and i weigh 140lbs and i've been branded anorexic...

I'm actually wanting to work out "properly." all that i've been doing is cardio... i look like a stick.

Victor Saudad said...

@Lonewolf, it makes sleep better when i workout. One benefit that i really really love from working out.

@imsonotconio, True! more boys in the yard! haha! I am payatot, like i've said masasampal mo ko talaga pag nagsabi pa ko ng "IFEELFAT".

@Nik, yung weight mo and ideal weight sa height ko. hehe. You ought to do less cardio. Ako rin kasi mahilig magjog, magbisikleta mula bata. DI talaga ako tabain din.

shenanigans said...

alam mo naman ang bentahan ng karne sa mercado.. #ifyouknowwhatimsaying

*grin smile*