31 December 2011

Poll #1 : Definitions

  1. When can you say that you're "seeing someone"?
  2. How would you define dating?
  3. What does "nothing serious" exactly mean?
I'd really like to get some feedback on this. If you must ask, yes, I am seeing someone, but we're not exactly dating yet, since we're both not looking for something serious.


charles. said...

Mga pahabol na uncertainties before the year ends. Haha. Happy new year! ('Di ako makakatulong, wala akong alam jan sa mga love-related shiz, haha)

Victor Saudad said...

Charles, thanks for the comment pa rin :)
at panong wala kang alam sa mga ganitong shiz?? hehe

Mowgli said...

I'm seeing someone if I'm making an effort to find time to talk or see someone.

Anyway, let me share with you this infographic:

Victor Saudad said...

MOWGLI! natawa naman ako dun! haha! well malabo ung date part. haha. hanging out lang siguro ako.
i mean, ano ba difference nung dalawa??

Nate said...

@viktor: yi..... may ganitong factors?! pwde sumagot? haha!

1) means that you get to meet with this person more often than the others.. especially kung kayong dalawa lang..

2) it's not a date unless both of you acknowledge that it is a date.. meaning, ask him out on a date, if he says yes, then it is a date.. gets?

3) jusko, nothing serious?! malabo yan.. well pag ganyan, it means na you just love "hanging out" with each other and you enjoy each other's company.. walang malisya.. just fun..

Victor Saudad said...

@Nate: thanks for sharing your insights on this. ikaw lang ang nagseryosong magbigay ng input so far. :)