20 August 2011

It's Been Awhile

Well, it's been a busy month, and now I'm a free man! Hooorah!

Er...not really. Just got some time to waste spend this weekend. Going out tonight for a really good time, flowing drinks, thumping beats, beating hearts, getting wasted. Or not. Better safe than sorry. Clean fun tonight, hoping for a blast. All about good time.

So an update...
Nothing new. No lovelife - not surprising. Oh, but got a new friend on FB. He's actually the pending invite.So earlier today, I check his page again, and finally clicked that add friend button. "Bahala na" kako. After a few minutes, the request was approved. Oh, so he was online at the time. I quickly check his profile, went to the photos page.... oh boom! Opened in different tabs all suspicious group photos. You know what they say, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." This my friends is a fact! Especially in social networking sites.


Yes, exactly that cuteboyalert by MojoJojo in a morning radio show. The photos are highly suggestive. He gives off a high index of suspicion. hmm... I'm not sure anymore if he's a "potential potential"... mukhang mataas ang preference sa kanya boylets. I'm not as buff or as chubby as most of the guys on his list, so that sort of tells me I'm on a poor leverage. Boohoo...


Wait a minute. This is just landi post. Walang katuturan, ni kabuluhan. haha! To tell you honestly, I'm not sure what to write down today. Basta, napansin ko lang na wala pa ko nailalathala for the past 3 weeks, maski sa iba kong blog. Wala. I feel, flaccid. haha! (Well, there is some truth to that..)

I feel emotionally, bored (is there even such a thing?). Parang robot lang e, do work, eat, sleep. And most of the time, sleep is subtracted from the equation. blaaaaah. Ang boring ko. What's worse is I'm bored myself. A boring bore. suffering from boreborygmi. ha!


Nothing exciting is going on in this gay life of mine. Speaking of gay life and friends... I DON'T HAVE GAY FRIENDS!!! O_O
An epiphany that shocked me. and by gay friends I mean like a barkada of gay people, talking nothing but gayness. A barkada you can openly be gay with. Di naman ako loner ano, I do have friends who respect my preference. Guy friends na pag nasabihan ko lang na may nai-spot-an akong gwapo tutuksuhin na ko, or girl friends na kaagawan ko sa boy stalking.Yeah, I have a great set of friends.

Pero, sa mga nakikita ko sa blog, sa FB and PR, ung mga barkada of gay people well... sometimes I imagine what would it be like to be amidst other gay people, to go to a club and be part of a gay mob, or enjoy a loud dinner party. Yearning for some sense of belonging??


But when I do think of it, I can't stand being in a crowd of other gay men. Especially loud gay men. Biggest group that I can tolerate is... 4? 4 loud, crazy gay men. beyond that, I'd rather stay aside and just watch them and their antics. I have nothing against other people... but I don't really like being in a crowd, or being in a group that feels too crowded.

Meh. Me and my peeve again.

I 'm hungry...
A friend of mine couldn't believe the appetite I have for my size. I'm a lanky boy, but I sure eat like a heavyweight. Then he asked, perhaps rhetorically, "Siguro Vik ang hilig mo no?"

"Excuse me, I may have a voracious appetite...but it only involves food."

Excuse me, hindi ako mahilig. gusto ko lang linawin. I do admit I easily get turned on, but I am not some kind of animal with a spiking libido. Well, at least I'd like to believe that. haha!When I am hungry, I eat til there's none remaining on the plate. But when it comes to sex...I can only take the appetizer. Madali ako mabusog, sorry.


Gaaaaah! Obviously, I'm just rambling here. I got to go. I'm hungry. And I've got a party to prepare for. Have a nice weekend.


Désolé Boy said...

Whoa! We have some things in common here. Just got out from a busy week and I, too, have a party to prepare.
I wish you'll have more gay friends. Napaisip nga ako dahil sa post mo na 'to at narealise kong parang United Colors of Benetton lang ang mga friends ko. Lahat present! Lahat ng klase ng gay (discreet, bi, effem, mujerista, beuconera etc.)tibo (butch, femme, etc.)straight at pati yung mga wala daw preference at kung sinong available, okay sa kanila.
Yun lang, hehe! Hav a nice weekend too.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

pumartey naaaa!!!!! Nice weekend Viktor!

린코 said...

haha. apir! i apparently had a cuteboy alert moment too. kaso nawala eh. oh well.

Grey said...

Im gay and we're friends. Bah. (Notice how easy it is now for me to identify with that word :P)

Viktor Saudad said...

@Dboy, Ron and Nik, yes i had a blast this weekend... too much of it actually.

@Grey, yes you are gay. and yes we are friends. Actually I can say that you are my only "gay friend". I do have friends who are gay,but i hardly get a hold of them. We are friends, but we're not like barkada. We have never seen each other, and it's because you refuse to. But i don't mind, as long as we get to talk at least over the phone, about stuff too serious to post on the net - I'm fine with that. We are friends. and i'm glad for that.

But you have a boyfie now, so we hardly talk. Iba na talga ang may boyfie. Oh and about the kwento to tell, yes it's about REPRESSED FEELINGS. I'm gonna need to work on that, taking baby steps. Starting with this comment( as you can see). hahahah!

sunny said...

ang landi, bwahahahahahaha!nakakatuwa basahin kalandian mo, hahaha! go, go!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! had fun reading this post.

well, i can be your GAY friend, tara sister, rampage tayez! hahaha

Viktor Saudad said...

@Sunny and Yam, - wow, that sounds like a good breakfast on rainy sunday morning :)
I really cant see what's so amusing about this entry. haha! but thanks! glad to amuse you(?)