21 June 2011

Chance at Charms

From a list of things that got me preoccupied last weekend, I stumbled upon this hottie as I was surfing the net. Among athletes, type ko swimmer. Well I'm not sure if he's a swimmer, but he definitely looks good in swimwear :P Just check out the link, it's a good outline of his profile plus the photos.

I've never mentioned any man crush, until now. So what's with this guy? Well, if you've seen the photos you could say his gwapo, pogi, macho...or simply put, yummy. Though I'm not fond of his face, his body would do for a yummy body shot. A friend of mine mentioned his body would be great with whip cream, but I prefer to keep some of my favourite foods wholesome. He does have a Japanese look, and at some angle he reminds me of somebody else - a hotter version of someone. hehe..

So, really what's with this guy? Well, I believe I have a good opportunity of meeting him. >.< 
Simply put, I am looking forward to meet him. From what I've heard, he's really charming. Tingnan nga natin kung matinag ako ng charms nya. 

Hopefully a decent connection from a simple chitchat would transpire. Wish me luck!


Mr. G said...

wishing you luck then! he looks hot!

린코 said...

good luck!

Viktor Saudad said...

@Nik & Mr.G...
unfortunately I was not able to see him. not even a glance. Perhaps some other time. I just wanna see for myself if he's really as charming as I've been hearing.