03 April 2017


I went to Baguio over the weekend and boy, it was like a time warp.

Well. At least I got to be back in Baguio, this time with family. It was just a mere overnight trip for me since I have work today. Oh, and I must commend the cutie Uber driver, Bryan, who picked me up last night from Cubao terminal. I really had a pleasant ride chatting with him, although he's straight. Also for the Uber driver I got this morning, Uber Glenn, we chatted the whole trip to work., and as it turn out he's a Baguio person, so he had a lot of insights about Baguio. He's straight too... but the way he looks straight to my eyes makes me want to think otherwise. :P


I'd like to take on Baguio once again. As suggested by Uber Glenn, I should try backpacking Banawe - Sagada - Baguio, then if I still can, finish the leg with La Union for a surf.

Well, it's a very tempting proposition. I shall work on an itinerary on that. A personal project for this summer. :)


Simon said...

I like creeping out the uber drivers at night by asking them really fucked up questions like "Don't you get scared that a passenger seated behind you suddenly just attempts to choke you or something.." haha

Victor Saudad said...

hahaa! That is so creepy!

There was this one time friends and i took a Grab 6 seater and i was in the most backseat. The whole trip my friends were very vocal and it was obvious that all of us were gay, and the driver can't help but listen in to the discussions. Eventually some of us chatted him up. he happened to be married. Being seated at the back(est) seat,I could see him through his reflection on the rearview mirror and see how much he's enjoying the chat. Also, i keep noticing he consistently takes long glances at me even though I wasn't talking much. And every time I look at him, he'd look back on the road.

When we got to our destination and it we're about to get off, I had trouble with propping up one of the seats so I could have my way out. He had to alight the vehicle and assist me with the car seat, and I simply blurted out "Nako kuya baka mastuck na ko dito, hehe". At that exact moment he was able to prop the seat up, then extended his hand for me to hold, and out of reflex I guess, I hold on to his hand...

"Okay lang, iuwi na lang kita samin." He said closely to my ear with a sheepish smile.


Simon said...

OMG I just saw your reply just now! Eeeek! nakakakilig haha