01 February 2016

9 Years and Counting

Right before my eyes, it struck me...
My longest relationship is with PR. 

A bit surprised to be honest. A random chat with a guy from PlanetRomeo just gave me this realization. Even when I was with Jjampong, I was having an affair with PR though I was seeing it differently at that time.


I know that it's a hunting ground for the horngry, a meat shop for the famished. But it's also a haven for the lost, and lonely. Well, at least for me. The comfort of a random chat was enough to distract me from my weary. It may sound like an overstatement, but PR  was more than a hookup place for me; it served as a portal for me to meet and date guys, and was even fortunate to have had a chance with Jjampong.

...what am I driving at?

I didn't realize it soon enough, that I've established a relationship with PR itself, not exactly the guys in it. Basically, I should set my foot out in the real world if I were to look for a relationship, and stop living through that blue planet. I really have to break up with PR. The thing is... I'm not ready yet.

Lame entry for today. I actually have other things on my plate. Just for the sake of making space, I had to dish this one out. This is one of those times that blogging serves as a Pensieve. I'll have to tackle this issue some other time, perhaps on a better perspective.


Anonymous said...

I had been using PR for several years until one time they cut off my free service and asked me to pay.

Simon said...

Join the club and finally let go of the blue planet :)

Victor Saudad said...

@ Zach:
oh, i never paid.
I wasn't consistently on PR for the whole 9 years. there were episodes of seasonal to year-long absence. Consider them "cool-offs" with PR. hahaha

in due time...


hold on. Rihanna has Found Love In a Hopeless Place.

Victor Saudad said...

@Christian, well good for Rihanna.

But PR is not much of a hopeless place.