18 January 2016

Quoi que l'avenir nous réserve...

What's in store for 2016?

I honestly don't know... but what I'd like it to be is to be valuable.

Just this week, I graduated from a course that would equip me better at work. A lot of valuable concepts learned. 2016 will be a challenging year for me career-wise, as I embark on a field different from what I was aiming for 3 years ago. It could also be exciting, given the lack of research in this other side of the field, a lot of things need to be discovered and studied. There are advance courses that I can take, and even pursue a Master's degree, to further strengthen the skills necessary. Another year or two of studies wouldn't hurt I guess, but this time I'll have to support myself for schooling.

Considering my next steps in my career, that would mean a setback for the other "career" - amier la vie et de romance. Currently, I'm dating a guy... honestly I 'm not sure if we could even label it close to that, since the last time we were together was a couple of days before New Year. We barely get in touch as of late, given the irregularities of my schedule and that he works till late evening. We still have to see how will we be able to make time for each other, and give our budding romance a chance (Ah...yes, I did say budding romance. I'll make a separate entry for that).

As of this moment, I can say I've been doing well. I've turned a year older, and hopefully wiser. There are still things of the past that are unresolved, such as ex-lovers and that sort, well I could only hope those things truly turn out for the better. To be dead honest, I may have not fully moved on from the past, but trust me I am moving forward feeling less heavy and with more zest in my pace.

Oh 2016! What do you have for me? I pray that it be all good things - may not be of the best, still I 'd settle for the good. Please less of the hurt and pains, or if it's truly inevitable, grant me with strength and wisdom that I may face thee undefeated.

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