23 March 2014

An Open Invitation

Any of my readers open for a meetup?
Well, it would be a friendly meetup. Definitely over food, or coffee, or tea (whichever you prefer).
Pwede ring over a bucket of beers. Basta willing to meet and get to know.

No, this is not an hookup invitation or a date (so as to keep it clear).

Most likely you'll get to meet me and Jjampong as well.
(Mukhang mas marami willing makameet si Jjampong... kutob ko lang).

So, Here's an invitation. Let me know who'd be willing to go.

One just needs to throw it out there, and see how the world will conspire against, or for, the idea.


Jjampong said...

I wonder who wants to meet us :)

Mamon said...

Nice ah. Nung binasa ko to hindi lumabas na parang may ere ng feeling sikat like some people i know. lol

feeling ko fans day ang labas nito. I'll bring my poster hehe :))

Count me in ;)

Jjampong said...

I'm kinda excited and at the same time scared haha...

well anyways, see you soon, hopefully pag mas light na sched ko sa work haha

Montelukast said...

Always a fan, you guys :)

Victor Saudad said...

Grabe ka naman Mamon... why didn't i think of that?!? hahaha!

joke lang. well, i've been curious with the idea of meeting blogger people...but i don't want it to go like a GEB or a clan meeting, like the ones i witness in SB araneta. hehe

Anyway, no final plans yet, still need an open schedule and of course guest list. :)
I'll let you know of final details.

Simon said...

You guys better tour me around when I get to your area one of these days since I might get assigned to work as in intern there soon ;)

Victor Saudad said...

When will you be in manila?

gillboard said...

natuloy na ba to? :)

Victor Saudad said...

@Gillboard, wala pa naman set plans. awaiting pa ng maluwag na schedule.

Seth said...

i wonder how did this all turned out :)

Victor Saudad said...

hi Seth. So far, we've met up with Mamon.