11 February 2014

V - 02

It's on the television; you see those red decors hanged up in the mall; your colleagues talk about their dinner plans this coming Friday.
Yes, it's Valentines day. A celebration of love, a salute to Eros, a feast exclusively for two, a milestone between couples. Well, people usually come up with grand schemes of confession of love for another; or take this opportune time to take a lover's hand and propose for marriage. 'Tis the season of aroused emotions, at their peak of passion. 

Valentines day.

Hm... oh wait, what do I have for Friday?

Jjamppong and I haven't made plans forFriday. Actually, he has never brought it up. I've never celebrated such event, and I have idea how to make such day apart from our usual evenings of dinner, romance, and intimacy. I mean, we've gone out on unplanned dates, dine out in fancy bistros, seen movies in theatres or at home. So what would make this Vday any different?

Ni hindi nga nagbabanggit si Jjampong of any plans, so hindi ko rin masabi kung talaga bang may plans siya. Besides, we're both tight on budget so malamang nothing fancy this season. We're both busy with work, and no leave allowed for out of towns. Hindi ko rin alam kung reregaluhan ko ba siya ng chocolates or flowers, e pareho kaming lalaki. Oh but I  do remember receiving 3 stem roses in college delivered to me in the middle of class, and really felt happy getting them from an anonymous sender. Nasabi ko pa sa friends ko, I wouldn't mind getting flowers for Valentines, since it would be the only event appropriate for it. And I even came up with a kind of bouquet I'd prefer.

Oo nga, wala man lang nababanggit na plans yung partner ko...
And when I was starting to be convinced that this year's Valentines day would be of no difference than the past ones, I get a text from him:
Will i see you on valentines?...
Reading this with the chilly February air blowing lightly against your skin, out in the streets tonight, I felt a warm feeling from within. The words were like a tight embrace from behind, as if he was actually there. I smiled, and then realized something. No words needed to explain or describe it. This year's Valentines is different than the rest - a simple inviting query from that person that holds your heart, already makes all the difference.


Simon said...

Well atleast you got something to look forward to ;) For me my lover Cheng is all the way in Singapore working his butt out for his future

Victor Saudad said...

With the technology and advances in telecom, you'll find a way to stay connected and be able to celebrate vday. ;)

Jjampong said...

you are my only valentine