24 January 2014


By definition, requiring or indicating little effort,
thought or reflection
that it may be readily taken advantage of
it involves little difficulty or discomfort
not difficult to endure or undergo
free from pain annoyance and anxiety
Now if you put it into context, let's say, of love and commitment…
doesn't it get tangled up somehow? 
It's a matter of whether it is or it's not

Love is easy. 
Perhaps saying those words is not really hard at all, especially if it meant nothing.
Love is not easy.
That would explain why people end up broken-hearted.
Being with you is easy. 
Maybe we're just promiscuous.
Being with you was not easy.
Explains how quickly you left.
It's easy to end this.
It's no longer burdensome for you
It's so easy to get out and leave.
So why bother staying?

Everyone would rather keep things easy…
but how come I find it hard to keep things easy?

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