17 November 2013


Early out from work, how fortunate
matched with your schedule
You picked me up from work
A routine drive for you

At the office lobby, the usual pick up spot
With my things, stuffed in the backseat
I take the passenger seat, beside yours
Doors locked, seat-belt secured

A kiss on the cheek, my usual greeting
Our eyes lock, I usually take a pause and stare
You break off first, as always
then look back, "Why?" wrinkled on your forehead

I gauge your face, grade it with either a smirk or smile
Usually, I just kiss you again to appease
Then we drive off, "Whereto?" as always
"Anywhere with you" as you always say

But we usually head home first
to run my errands, you drive me around
Same ol' chores, laundry, pack more clothes
Then we head out for dinner

But having an early out from work
being home 5 in the afternoon
It was too early for dinner
especially for you with your late lunch

"No need to hurry", you say
Oh, but what to do, where to go
We're home alone, the place to ourselves
We kiss, and lock hands

Passion unleashed, got ourselves spent
it gets raunchier each time
It always end in satisfaction
gratification both achieved

It was about an half an hour more or less
We hurried dressing up, had to make haste
For one is throwing tantrums, demanding indulgence
Displeased, my tummy lets out a deep growl

We set out, back on the streets, off to anywhere
Nothing elaborately planned
Just a casual dinner for two
A meal to satisfy our insatiable hunger

Off to our usual location, Maginhawa
A strip of choices, we had to check each one
"We ought to try Sweet Spot", you suggested
But we ended up to some place else

An inviting menu, we ordered 3 dishes
Pininyahang manok, sisig linguine and lamb kaldereta
Your typical viands, with twist in concoction
Each dish delightful, together beyond delectable
Might call it food porn, ravishing to the senses
and as we document our little banquet
took note of the date, eleventh month of the year
A Friday the fifteenth

"11 minus 3?" I asked
"Eight", you said
I stared at you for a moment
waiting for a spark in your eyes

Our usual dinner for two
nothing planned ahead
We simply meet after work, and drive around
til we call it a day, and you take me home

A usual evening for us, nothing special
nothing requiring a fete, or commemoration
Or we simply didn't take note
Of a mark we've achieved together

"Eleven minus three, is eight." in a may-I-remind-you tone
"Di ko gets..." you give up so easily
I set it aside, I'll just wait till it sink in
"Basta, eight."

You drive me back, and parked the car
You unbuckled our seatbelts and pulled me in for a hug
That was the only thing unusual through the evening
It was such a sweet feeling, being pulled in for an embrace

"Halika nga dito..
I had a bad dream the other day
In my dream you left me"
You whisphered, filled with worry

I break from the hug momentarily
looked straight into your eyes
and dive back into your embrace

"Hm, I love you?" you and your savvy smile
"Eight nga e." I laughed in my head, 
He laughed, "Sorry hindi ko talaga gets" 
You're hopeless, and I gave in

I'm not great in math, but I'm quite fond of numbers
Patterns, formulas, definitions
What does 11 and 3 possibly stand for aside from numbers?
"November is eleventh" that should be enough for a clue

Then it dawned me, shit it was the 15th and it's our 8th month being together 

Finally, you get me.
But I don't really take note of these things
It's not marked on my calendar, nor set in my planner
It's something we don't celebrate.

No need for us to be guilty, or ashamed for not remembering
that's the beauty of it, we simply live it
Like how the sun sets, or the rain falls, or the moon fulls
At those exact moments, no matter how brief, do we fully appreciate it

We are living the love we have
it's not set in stone, marked on our walls
We happen to be together for the eight month
Not like a pact we've set, nor a contract signed

We live the love we have
and we celebrate it everyday
over shared meals, and stories
simple kisses, to titillating lovemaking

Our love for each other thrives today
For eight months, it's been growing, glowing
It flourished, in turn nourishes our passion
For life, ourselves and for each other

Fifteenth day of November

Eighth month since March
Three words plus seven letters
Only meant for one, You


Simon said...

Awh ;) Sweet

Jjampong said...

Ang swerte naman ng boyfriend mo... good thing it's me :-)
I love you Victor!!! I love my duck hihi