19 August 2013

Weekend Getaway :: Up North

August 9 to 11, 2013 - a long weekend. 

Our chance for an adventure. He's been yearning for a trip, a getaway from the stress of work. I have the free time, and simply making the most of the weekends of the month.

A few weeks earlier, I went to Baguio, Dagupan and La Union on a regular weekend. I went with my colleagues, one of which graciously hosted for us i Baguio and Dagupan. Then on on our way back to manila, a detour to La Union to taste the joys of surfing. I had a blast, considering it was a regular weekend.

Throughout our short vacation, Jjampong and would text and call once in awhile (ako yung tipong todo in-the-moment pag nasa bakasyon so di ako active magreply sa text). My colleagues actually invited Jjampong to join us for a chance to meet the boyfie. But I thought bringing one's partner in a group bonding was an awkward idea. Besides, we were on a group outing to bond, more of a team-building gig; and none of them brought their partners along. So, for every stop, for every meal - mongolian buffet, homecooked boodle fight; the sites and views, were all teasing poor Jjampong who was just stuck at home.

So, for this long weekend, we ended up going to Baguio, and La Union. I'm not much of a travel blogger, (and usually tinatamad ako when it comes to long entries) so I'm not divulging into the tour details. We simply enjoyed everything together - the bus ride, holding hands and brushing each others arms; the meals, whether in a fancy restaurant or along the hiway during stopovers; the sun, sand, and sea, basking in nature feeling all natural; and even the booze, the smooth beer warming us up in each gulp.

Our weekend getaway was more of a honeymoon as a friend called it. Yes, with all the intimacy and love-making that goes along with a honeymoon in Baguio. It's Baguio - what better way to fight the cold climate of Baguio with your partner/lover? And it was really chilly up there, can't help but heat things up! (Oh, and things did get fiery hot up there! :p ). It was our official honeymoon (since the first one didn't count...a kwento for some other time). 

La Union was very warm, but the sea was unfriendly. It was calm and quiet, but impotent -  she was not raging with waves as we hoped for. We came for surfing but we ended up kayaking, which was a bit interesting. We were a couple, and it has to be tested sooner or later. With the scorching sun, we're bound to meet our boiling point. We can't be all sweet and tender. Being on one boat, our paddling had to be synchronized. Being out in the middle of the sea, we only had each other. Being alone together in such situation - out in the sea, under the burning sun - friction was bound to happen. But we made it back to shore, together, as one. Sunog ang legs sa bilad ng araw... pero di nagkainitan ng ulo. 

This trip, if I must say, is something solemn - at least for me. Something I'd look back to in the future, wherever we may be - whether together in each other's arms, or treading opposite paths. But on this weekend, we were one, as a couple, committed.


Jjampong said...

it's definitely something to look back :*

thank you for this


the healthworker said...

you left Baguio nung padating si Labuyo, pero no waves in La Union?

Jjampong said...

super flat... ahaha, sa Aurora daw ung big waves haha