21 June 2013


I don't know how to celebrate monthly anniversaries, I was never a fan of such. It does not appeal to me as a merry occasion, but more of a dreaded countdown, marking the calender to the end.

Well, it just came to my attention that we are currently on our fourth month. :) It slipped my fancy since we're practically together everyday; how every time we have dinner outside, or when we stay in and just watch downloaded movies or series, it's considered a date. I don't like to say that "how time flies", or "that felt like a year"... those are unworthy expressions and don't fare fair with my truest feelings. I'd be totally fine if the world's revolution slows down if that meant having longer moments with you, and added minutes of joy. Hmm, I wouldn't mind being stuck in time with you. 

This is uncharted terrain if I must say, not just for me but for both of us. A few months back, I was holding my doubt and fears... but now, I have your hands clasped in mine. I now carry with me your love.

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