07 October 2012


For the past two months, I was able to enjoy the weekends - a luxury one would consider in my career. And with that much freedom, I was able to go out as much as I'd like and needed.

Being a lone single 24 year old boy (can't fully own the title of man), I've succumbed to the drive of my hormones, to the pinning of flesh, and the need to bask in eros. In two months time, I can say that I've manage to catch up with the lost years of libidinous brio, and harnessing lewd verve.

I'm a 24 year old, lonesome boy...
You cannot blame me for the macho that's within my loins; it's quite naive to expect one to suppress the salacious vim between his groin. 


Shenanigans said...

sabi sa psychology normal lang daw yun nasa peak pa kasi tayo sa age natin eh


think it's normal. very.

Victor Saudad said...

What does NORMAL mean?

Isn't it ABnormal for a sudden shift of activities?

I'd say it's abnormal, for my case. But I didn't say it's pathologic or wrong.