27 August 2012

The Future is Bleak


Of career, romance and life itself.
Tomorrow bears no sun, but of dark hovering clouds
No light peeks through, as the nimbus is thick of gloom
I am in thirst of life, love and hope
Not a drizzle, nor even a drop, 
The Future is bleak
What more can sustain me, if not nourish me?
How long can I last, if this can't be surpassed?
Tomorrow bears no sun, but of darkness and uncertainty
The Future is bleak, and I am but weak.


Gian said...

to obtain something you never had before, you must accomplish something you have never done before.

shenanigans said...


smile! dont lose hope

sabi nga nila
"there's a rainbox always after the rain"

how can you be so sure that tomorrow bears no sun and uncertainty? there's still a 50% chances na maiba siya at ikaw lang makakagaw nun. you can be miserable for the reason of your life or you can choose to be happy and focus to other things that can bring you happiness... kaw naman

all is well :)

sorry for the unsolicited advice

hot_bicycle said...

bro ang sad ng post mo. :(