18 March 2012

3 in one plus 1

No, there weren't any ice cream served then. It was about four or five years ago, back then I was in my sexual state...

At this point, as of today, this entry has been in draft for two weeks now. at yung first line lang ang nailagay ko. I was initially going to write a sexual prose, kaso busy lang talaga lately and drained, na pati ung creative juices e latak lang natira for writing. Besides, di naman "to sexualisize" ang purpose ng entry na ito, kaya didiretsuhin ko na lang sa punto (sorry kung madisappoint yung expected literotica).

Back in 2007 to 2008, was the year that I started engaging in sexual intimacy. Natry ko yung basics. Then there was a point that I had to "level up", or "amp the act". So, I met someone who'd like to hold a 3some - or I think I suggested it. Oohh, yes I did. Since this guy was a top, and during that time I didn't want to be topped, I suggested we get a bottom for us to top. So, there goes the 3some idea, which eventually led to a 4some since a friend of this guy wanted to top along.

And so the set day came, we all met at SM farfaraway and headed to the bottom's place, who hosted a dinner first and a short round of booze. I was enjoying the dinner and the shots. I was loosening up, getting more relaxed. I wanted more shots, and more kwentuhan. We were all wearing this intoxicated smile, one guy seem to have low alcohol tolerance - he was tipsy already.

Top 1: "Tara na, start na tayo..."

At that moment, I've forgot the initial agenda of the evening. It's not about the dinner, the drinks, nor chilling out. It was the group sex. I was already savouring the alcohol in my blood, when all my drunken euphoria abruptly subsided with that phrase.

Top 3: "Nag-iinit na ko kanina pa..." 

While the alcohol was at its log phase, my consciousness raised a reality I never would have thought without the alcohol.

I don't want to be here for this.

Bottom:"Tara na sa kwarto."

I slightly protested, being pacute and all, and politely suggested that we drink some more since the camaraderie was just warming me up. But my deepest intention was to get them too drunk to function.

T 3:"Waaah...Tama na. Nalalasing na ko e...hehe...baka di ako maka-full performance nyan."
T 1: "hahaa! edi masosolo ko na lang pala kung ganun!"
B: "Tong si Vic lakas uminom o...namumula na nga ako eh.Tara na!"

Hmm... di pala sila ganun kalasing para mauto ko. O sadyang hayok na sila to get down to business.
And so it did. the room was poorly lit and 4 silhouettes groping around if you'd peek through the window. It started with a pair off. then exchange partners. It took me awhile to get my stuff in full attention since I was not fully engrossed at the moment. Things were really heating up, and I'm still being hesitant about what to come next. The anxiety, the booze, and as well as the warm mouth servicing me led me to the peak. I just had to let it all loose to pacify my inner sel.

And so I did.

T1: "Di mo ko sinabihan... muntik ko na tuloy malunok..."

 I apologized, "nabigla lang din at dahil na rin sa alak" was my excuse.But not really. I just wanted to get out of there.

*sigh* At least I'm done.

I had to step back and give them more space for they're were fully in heat now. I couldn't even bring myself to watch. Some part of me was relieved that I did not have to participate in the next act - they went bareback. The two top guys exchanging turns at the willing bottom. I didn't wan to be rude, so I suppressed my aversion, and simply acted out - lasinglasingan ba. If this was a live show that I didn't not need to participate in the first place, I would have enjoyed it. It was raunchy, sweaty, ... hot 3some.

They were in ecstasy as they all came simultaneously. Panting, grunting... they were all smiling. Not to alienate me, one gave me a pat on the shoulder,

"Next time wala g inom ha :)"

Oh, there' wouldn't be a next time,  I said to myself.

The same hand on my shoulder grabbed me by the arms to help me up. We were heading for a bathe. And even up to that, I kept my distance from them. They were all under one shower head, scrubbing and groping each other, while I opted to use the sink in front of the mirror - washing my self one handful of water after the other, staring at myself in the mirror.


Little Nikki said...

oh well, at least you backed out before it became a train wreck for you.

and oh, i have to talk to you.

Justin said...

So heto na pala yung story. hehe.

buti na lang nga nauna ka na sa kanila.

Victor Saudad said...

email me at victorsaudad@gmail.com

shenanigans said...

Ang dramatic nitong threesome na toh.

lalo na dun sa sink part sa harap ng mirror.

*musical scoring*
Reflection by Christina A.

hahahaha! baklang bakla lang sori naman

the green breaker said...

Oh, guilt dawning.

Victor Saudad said...

Abutan na lang kita ng Xerex, o kaya Tiktik.

Victor Saudad said...

Justin, yeah, eto na nga yun. Sorry to disappoint, at hindi ito Literotica.